Can You Smoke Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are all the rage. Since the 2010s, advocates have been pushing for decriminalization of psilocybin, the active compound in shrooms that produces the trippy high. In most of the United States, they remain illegal to sell. Possession and consumption may be decriminalized so long as mushrooms grow naturally in that area; in the case of Oregon, shrooms are now legal with doctor supervision.

Still, it’s easy to see that numerous companies are openly selling magic mushrooms online with no repercussions whatsoever. It has led to a boom in their popularity, but unfortunately, an unregulated industry means that people may be using them incorrectly.

Some users think that it may be safe to smoke shrooms; after all, if you smoke cannabis, why not mushrooms? However, this method could be extremely harmful. In this guide, you can discover why smoking magic mushrooms may not be the best idea.

WayofLeaf does not condone any illegal activity, but accessing information that reduces harm can be important for users.

Why Do People Want to Smoke Magic Mushrooms?

The assumption that you can smoke magic mushrooms is perhaps a logical one since smoking is a common consumption method for many substances. In the case of cannabis, for example, smoking is probably the most popular method.

Inhaled substances often have a faster reaction on the body. Using cannabis as an example, users can feel the effects within a few minutes.

Even among users who don’t smoke, vaping is extremely popular. The reason for this is that inhaled substances often have a faster reaction on the body. Again using cannabis as an example, users can feel the effects within a few minutes; in comparison, edibles can take hours to kick in.

Since smoking is a fast and effective method, users of magic mushrooms might be wondering whether they can smoke them, too. In theory, you could feel a potent high with a rapid onset. But is this really the case?

What Happens When You Smoke Shrooms?

Research on the topic of smoking magic mushrooms is sparse. However, a wealth of users have attempted this and have posted their experiences on online forums. Users may crush dried mushrooms into a powder and roll them into a joint, or use a pipe and purified psilocybin crystals.

According to users, they experience a mild high. However, it is far from the crazy trips that many experience when eating shrooms or brewing tea.


Some users even experienced nothing at all. There was no high, no psychoactive effects, only negative physical side effects like nausea and vomiting.

As noted, there are few studies on this. It’s likely, though, that the temperature is the reason for these poor effects. Psilocybin cannot withstand high temperatures like those induced by burning, and so smoking mushrooms kills off the substance that produces the trip. Instead, you’re left with just the negatives.

The Risks: What Are the Dangers of Smoking Mushrooms

There are several reasons why smoking mushrooms is a bad idea. Here is a list of some of the reasons you should avoid this consumption method.

Mold Spores

Smoking plant matter of any kind can carry the risk of inhaling mold spores; the same is true of cannabis. Since both shrooms and weed are unregulated, their illegal sale means that many products are not high-quality. Unscrupulous dealers can sell products containing pathogens like mold spores, which, when inhaled, cause serious health issues for the lungs. This is worsened if you have an immune system illness, a lung condition, or a mold allergy.

Bad Trips

Some people have bad trips, and this can happen no matter what consumption method you use. It’s something to be aware of when using any hallucinogen. Make sure you use them in a safe environment around people you trust to care for you.

Side Effects on the Body

Mushrooms can cause several physical side effects. Again, these may occur no matter the consumption method, and they include:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Uncoordinated movement
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased temperature
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Nausea and vomiting

As reported on the online forums, smoking shrooms seems to trigger nausea, in particular.

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