About Us

We are reliable and dedicated supplier of the best quality DMT, MDMA , LSD, MUSHROOMS, WEEDS and other related Meds. We have put together a collection of psychedelics from different parts of USA and test them to make up a good produce for our clients to consume. With our great variety of psychedelics products, we sell online at affordable prices, with great discounts for bulk/return orders. We ship all around USA and always deliver to our clients what they pay for.

Why Us?

When you order our products, you’re not just receiving your parcel in the mail. What you get is a promise of the utmost commitment to product quality and customer service.


A combined experience of over 10 years in the industry. This experience is the driving force behind our network, ensuring that we stock and supply only the best product from producers worldwide. When ordering from psilocybin-remedy, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your weed and psychedelic products has been carefully curated and graded by the best.


At psilocybin-remedy each and every one of our clients is like family and consider it our duty and mission to provide them with the best quality of products in the world. We would never have been able to get this far if not for our loyal psilocybin-remedy  family and this is one of the biggest driving forces behind our work ethic.


Psilocybin-remedy stock the largest collection of the most premium quality cannabis, but also a wide range of psychedelic. A truly one-stop shop for everything related to weed and psychedelic products.


When we say top quality product, we mean it. Our selection process is one of the most stringent and exhaustive in the industry, ensuring that we stock only the finest buds from the most reliable suppliers.